What We Do


We pray for Jesus to be exalted in all things, at all times, in all places. We pray to seek Jesus, to acknowledge our dependence, to worship. We pray in our gatherings, among our friends and family, and in our homes.


We gather together in a large group on Sunday mornings to worship, pray, preach and teach the Word, and serve one another. We gather in small Community Groups throughout the week to pray, to encourage one another through discussions around the Word, to bear one another’s burdens, to build community, to exercise our gifts, and to live out Jesus. We make disciples who will make disciples.


We scatter into the community, into our families, into our friendships, into our workplace, into our schools and places of recreation. Our calling as a church is to encourage and equip people to build Jesus-centered relationships with those around us. The goal is not to remove ourselves from community life outside the church but to equip people to live in such a way that they can be more fulfilled, faithful and effective in the places where God has placed them to make disciples.

Remedy provides ministries which expose people to the person and work of Jesus and His grace. We evaluate all ministries through our ministry grid of Theological, Missional, and Relational.
Does it exalt Jesus?
Does it give opportunity for His Kingdom work?
Does it give opportunity for building Jesus-centered relationships?

Ministries are where people can worship, pray, hear the Word of God, build relationships, and discover and use their talents and resources to serve others. Ministry happens as we gather on Sunday mornings and in Community Groups throughout the week. It happens as we scatter into our communities. We are convinced that involvement in these two functions (gathering and scattering) is essential to spiritual growth and health, both for the individual and Remedy corporate Body.

At certain seasons, we have special events that reflect these same core functions of prayer, gathering and scattering. We believe we are to scatter, to go out into the lives God has given us to apply and discover the radical implications of God’s grace. We believe relationships and activities in the community are essential for Kingdom building as we live on mission.


Remedy is about loving Jesus and loving others. We exist to glorify Him through our gatherings and in our lives.Learn More