Values + Mission


Love God Love Others


To make much of Jesus so that others can see His beauty, know and experience His love, and walk with Him in the fullness of life. (Mark 13:10 – Acts 1:8 – John 10:10)



We believe in the centrality of the Gospel. This means we believe the message of Jesus Christ is not only the power of God to save the whole world from everything that’s wrong with it, but it’s also to be the central organizing principle of our lives. The Gospel message – the good news about Jesus Christ’s perfect life, sacrificial death, resurrection from the dead, and His ascent into heaven – is the reason we exist as a church. It is this message which has birthed us as a people, and it is this message we are called to believe, embody, and speak into the lives of those around us. It is the Gospel that saves, restores and sanctifies. It is this Gospel alone that has the power to transform lives, hearts, cities, and the world. (Matthew 24:14; Mark 13:10, 16:15; Acts 14:7, 21; 1 Corinthians 9:14, 23)


We believe in the presence of the Kingdom. We believe the Kingdom of God is here and is coming fully at Christ’s return. We believe that God’s plan to set things right and to bring justice to the world has already been set in motion through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to restore, to make a way when there was no other way. He is building His Kingdom and preparing His bride. One day when He returns He will bring His Kingdom to complete fruition with a New Heaven and a New Earth. This is what Jesus called the Kingdom of God. Our goal is to step in line with the amazing work God is already doing in Lodi, the greater Central Valley and the world. We want to come alongside others with a similar mindset and mission where God is at work. We understand that Remedy is just one expression of God’s Kingdom. God invites us into His work for His glory and our good, not out of His need. The Kingdom of God was in motion long before we were ever here, and it will continue to grow and expand long after we’re gone. (Matthew 6:10, 6:33, 10:7; Luke 4:43, 8:1; Acts 19:8, Colossians 1:13; 1 Thessalonians 2:12; James 2:5)


We believe in the necessity and the relevancy of the local church. This means we believe that the local church, as it exists in particular congregations of people, is an essential part of God’s plan to transform the world. The church is made up of fallen, broken people. It is a hospital for the sick, not a museum for the preservation of saints. Because it is a hospital and is filled with sick people, the church will not be perfect but will depend on the great grace and love of God. Those outside the church need to see God’s love and grace in action.

We are in community for the community. One of the greatest messages of the church is the way we demonstrate God’s grace and love to each other in community. This is demonstrated in the church through individuals caring for one another, praying for one another, and bearing one another’s burdens regardless of age, race, financial status, education, and culture. Diversity is essential to reflect the Kingdom of God. (Matthew 16:8, 28:19-20; Ephesians 4:12; 1 Peter 2:9-12; Revelation 14:6)


Our mission is to make disciples who will in turn make other disciples wherever God calls. At the end of His ministry, Jesus explicitly gives His followers their mission, saying “Go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). Our calling as followers of Jesus – as disciples – is to make other disciples of Jesus. A disciple is a student, a follower, a believer. Specifically, we want to make disciples of Jesus who are equipped to engage the community to which God has called them in order to make disciples.

We live out mission corporately through our Sunday morning gatherings, our Community Groups, prayer, missions (local and world), and church planting.

We live out mission individually, meaning we “scatter.” We believe that Jesus charged every follower with the task of speaking His good news into the lives of others and demonstrating the veracity of that message by the way we live. What does this mean? It means that we encourage each other to be intentional in all of our relationships, believing that they are all Christ-centered. We are to look at our relationships with others, no matter what they believe, through the eyes of Jesus – how He would view them – and we respond accordingly. We’re called to show and tell others the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that is consistent with that message. (Mathew 28:19-20; Mark 13:10, 29; Acts 1:8, 2:37-41)


Remedy is about loving Jesus and loving others. We exist to glorify Him through our gatherings and in our lives.Learn More