The Agony of Victory p.4: The Key to Effective Prayer


Prayer is a necessity; much like water to our physical bodies, prayer nourishes our soul. Prayer brings us into the very presence of God. Prayer affects the heart of man and can direct the hand of God. Prayer overcomes the natural boundaries of space and geography and moves freely through borders, cultures, and languages. There is no argument formed by man that can stop prayer, no mind that can stand against the effectual power of God through prayer, and no human will that can resist the movement of God through prayer. Prayer has parted waters, stopped the sun, raised the dead, healed the sick, multiplied food, brought peace in the midst of uncertainty, and given faith to the weak and weary. Prayer is a gift designed by God for us and we are designed for prayer.

Join us as we come together in this great journey of prayer. We will discover the purpose of prayer, how to pray effectively and confidently, the struggles of prayer, the importance of persisting in prayer, how prayer is essential in our lives to grow in grace and truth, and the role of prayer in the mission of Jesus. We will practice prayer together, meet in small prayer groups for guided topical prayer, and for those who want to remember all that God will do during this time, we will journal so that we can share God’s great responses with others.

We are so excited about this series and the impact it will have on our individual lives, the body of Remedy, and the greater community.

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