Easter: Of First Importance


We all have two things in common. First, we all came into this world the same way. We came under different circumstances, in different places, but we were all born into this world. Second, all of our lives will come to an end. The question is not “If” but “When?”. Some will live long and healthy lives; some will live lives full of struggle and challenge, and some will live tragically short lives. We do not know the time or the way, but we do know the certainty of the event. No one can escape that truth. We do whatever we can to extend our lives: exercise, eat right, take our vitamins. This year alone in the U.S., we’ll spend over $21 billion on vitamins and supplements in an effort to make our lives healthier and live longer, and that’s just the tip of what we spend to extend our lifespan. Continue reading This Changes Everything

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Death of Death

We invite you to join us as we celebrate Jesus’ victory over death this Easter. Through His death on the cross and resurrection from the grave, Jesus killed death and you can share in that victory.

Easter Sunday | April 5
Hutchins St. Square Amphitheatre
8:30 AM | 10:15 AM

Easter Outreach
Invite cards and yard signs will be available beginning March 8. There are many opportunities pre-Easter to gather for prayer and participate in both city and neighborhood outreach (schedule also available on Sunday):

Easter Schedule smaller

Five Ways to Get Involved

1. Pray – Pick up an Easter prayer schedule on Sunday at the Resource table. Prayer is the heavy lifting and prayer moves the heart of God to move on the hearts of people.

2. Serve at the Easter service – We are holding two Easter services at Hutchins St. Square Amphitheatre with continental breakfast before the 8:30 AM service and a tri tip BBQ lunch following the 10:15 AM service. Easter needs: set up, tear down, ushers, greeters, prayer, children’s area, food prep, side dishes. Sign up at the Resource table on Sunday.

3. Invite – Pick up a yard sign and invite cards on Sunday and invite your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. Invite a neighbor to the first service and serve at the second, or vice versa.

4. Take a friend to the movies – Go to a movie and get there early to watch our “Death of Death” promo before every movie between now and Easter.

5. Give financially – If you would like to give to help offset the costs of advertising, promo materials, food, and Hutchins rental, pick up an envelope on Sunday or give online (designate “Easter” in the notes).

An Easter message from Pastor Mark:

Allen Russell shares more on Easter:

Death of Death promo video:

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