Christmas 2017: Life and Light of Men


Simply Jesus

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As we approach Christmas, we are surrounded by noise – much of it can be distracting. The songs of the season play all around us with words of peace, joy and hope, but we may feel anything but joyful. We struggle to focus on the true meaning of Christmas or to reach out to others but the busyness of the season, buying presents, decorating, preparing family meals, and completing projects seems to consume our time.

Simply Jesus is our way of refocusing our attention and affection back where they belong, on Jesus. As we worship Him in song and the reading of His word, we will be reminded that He is the source of peace, joy and hope. We will be reminded that Jesus’ coming was planned from the beginning of time to express His great love for each one of us – it was not random or accidental. He fully knows each one of us and He still loves us. His love moved Him to provide a way to reconcile us to God for His glory and our good. This is a message of hope that is desperately needed in this world today.

Please begin to consider and pray over whom you might encourage by inviting to this special gathering. Invite cards are available at the Resource table. Continental breakfast will be provided and children’s ministry will be available from nursery through second grade. Join us for continental breakfast beginning at 9:20 AM. Service will begin at 9:30 AM. We hope to see you there on Sunday, December 21.

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Christmas Celebration

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On December 22, we will have our Christmas family service. Family service means that children will join us in the service. There will be no childcare; instead, there will be a section for families with children to sit together. Children’s gift bags will be provided.

We will celebrate Jesus and His great love with worship, the Word, and Christmas treats. The focus of the morning will be Jesus’ great act of love and sacrifice as He came to be with us, our Immanuel. I know it has been said, but so often not heard, that Jesus is the greatest gift one could receive. You are encouraged to think of that gift as you read the scriptures this Christmas season.*

During this season, people are more open to visiting a church with a relative or friend. We encourage you to pray, invite, and bring neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family to hear about the amazing gift of grace. There is nothing better than giving the gift of love by introducing them to Jesus.

Pick up a few invite cards available at the information table or at your community group. The card makes it easy to invite people to service (and is redeemable for a free coffee at Java Stop). There are thousands of people in the greater Lodi area who do not know the love and grace of Jesus. Let’s be bold to bring them to Jesus for His glory!

*Luke 1:26-38, 2:1-20; Matthew 1:18-2:15; Philippians 2:3-11; Isaiah 53

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