It’s Friday—But Sunday’s Coming


It’s Friday—But Sunday’s Coming

One well-known Good Friday sermon has been preached by many pastors over the years. While the sermons may vary in length and style, the name and the message remains the same: “It’s Friday… But Sunday’s a Coming!”


On Friday they beat Him and spat upon Him – they pierced His brow with a crown of thorns… but Sunday was a coming.

On Friday they mocked Him, insulted Him, and cried out for Him to prove Himself – silence was the response… but Sunday was a coming.

On Friday they stretched out His arms and drove nails through His wrists and ankles – they nailed Him to a tree… but Sunday was a coming.

On Friday they continued the mocking and shaming as they gambled for His few possessions – they scorned and laughed at Him… but Sunday was a coming.

On Friday He cried out, “It is finished!” as He breathed His last… but Sunday was a coming.

On Friday the sky turned dark, the ground shook, the veil was torn as the lifeless body of Jesus hung on the cross… but Sunday was a coming.

On Friday Jesus was wrapped in grave clothes, taken to an empty tomb, sealed with a large stone and guarded by Roman soldiers… but Sunday was a coming.

This was a dark time; a time when all the hope Jesus gave His followers seemed to be crucified along with Him. Friday must have been filled with great uncertainty, fear, and even anger for those closest to Jesus. Saturday was no better – the day was marked by silence, despair, and heartache. But on Sunday, the voices of Mary and Martha broke through. At first their voices were faint and hard to understand because they had been running. “What happened now?” “He’s gone! He’s gone! Risen, just as He said! Go see for yourself!”

We all go through our own dark times, and experience our own Friday where all hope seems lost, despair starts to sink in, and our hearts ache. Take courage – it is Friday, but Sunday is a coming! Jesus is the One who gives hope to the desperate, peace to the conflicted, and love to those who feel unlovable. He brings healing to the hurt and joy in the midst of pain. He brings freedom to those who are cast down and in bondage. There may seem to be no way, but He makes a way. On Sunday, death is defeated, the stone is rolled away, and life rises forth from the dead, never again the same. It may be Friday in your life, but Sunday is a coming!

Come and celebrate the victory of the cross with us this Easter Sunday, April 16.


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