Meet Dani Thompson
Dani has been an active participant at Remedy since the first service two years ago. She plays flute on the worship team and serves on the words team.

For many years, Dani has had a heart for the people of Northern Ireland. She explored mission options in the past, but finding an organization that focused on reconciliation in civil war-torn Northern Ireland proved difficult. However, her desire to be part of the reconciliation process through the person and work of Jesus never wavered.

A missions opportunity in Northern Ireland has come together quickly and unexpectedly. Dani is steadfast in believing that this is God’s timing. She loves Jesus and she has a profound desire to serve Him as He calls her to Northern Ireland.

What will Dani be doing?
Dani has been accepted to participate in a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with YWAM in Northern Ireland. DTS is designed to equip individuals to communicate the Gospel across cultural barriers. This three-month training in Northern Ireland will give her an opportunity to explore the region and meet the people she has prayed for. After the training, graduates move on to extensive ministry in Northern Ireland and abroad. She may find herself in Serbia or South Africa, ultimately returning to Northern Ireland.

Upon her return to Northern Ireland, Dani is praying that God will open the door for an extended stay through a staff position or another opportunity in country. She will not know the full details until the end of the DTS.

YWAM Mission

We walk with a desire to be “Jesus with skin on” embodying the values of community, mission, renewal and reconciliation. Whether we are in the Shankill Road in Belfast, Temple Bar in Dublin, the streets of Burundi or Serbia, schools in Lebanon, the check points in Bethlehem or townships in South Africa, we are dedicated to living lives made up of indiscriminate acts of kindness and service to Jesus.

Northern Ireland Program(March – August 2014)

We believe that through understanding the reconciliation that God offered us through Jesus, we will be able to move forward in bringing ministry of reconciliation to our relationships, communities, and the nations. The three-month lecture phase of this DTS will explore God’s character, and your own identity in Him, and how to live a Kingdom of heaven lifestyle, as well as teaching principles to use in cross-cultural missions, with a focus on the ministry of reconciliation. The two month outreach phase you will get to work with a variety of ministries, with part of your outreach on the island of Ireland, and part of your outreach overseas.

What are the needs?
If you would like to get involved, here are some practical ways to support this mission:
1. Prayer – Dani has much preparation ahead in the next month. Pray for wisdom, her use of time, and for others who can come alongside and help in practical ways.

2. Help raising funds – Dani needs hands and feet to help her support raising.

3. Practical ways of support – Help her pack and move out of her current residence; help send out letters; network; join a sending team who will commit to pray for her now and while on mission. The sending team will be apprised of her needs and will communicate those needs to the Body over the next six months.

4. Give – Financial support is needed. Because of the length of the Discipleship Training School, the conversion rate from dollars to pounds, and travel expenses, the estimated cost is $11,000. All support must be raised in the next 30 days.

Support Dani here.

For more of Dani’s story, check out her blog: Reconcile Northern Ireland.


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