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Why the name Remedy

Here are two simple reasons why the name “Remedy”.

1. The name Remedy implies two things: there is an illness, and there is a cure. We are sick, spiritually. We have the sickness unto death. Sin. The wages of sin is death. Yet we have a cure for this death disease. His name is Jesus. Jesus died so that we may live. Jesus is the remedy.

2. The name is incredibly easy for anyone at our church to explain to inquiring minds. It gives opportunity to share the good news. Why Remedy? Jesus is our remedy, “by His wounds, we are healed.”

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Remedy Mission


Our Purpose:

We were created and exist to be  worshipers of Jesus

Our Mission:

To expose and explain Christ to those near and far

Our Method:

We pray and gather in large and small groups for the equipping of the saints through study of scriptures, worship, prayer and biblical community.  We scatter to take Jesus into the world, near and far as we live our lives out in families,neighborhoods, schools, work and play.

Our Desire:

To see all men and women, young to old, rich to poor, no matter race, education, religious background, political affiliation live out their created purpose through relationship with Jesus by grace through faith in Him and Him alone

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Remedy is about loving Jesus and loving others. We exist to glorify Him through our gatherings and in our lives.Learn More