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Welcome to Remedy

Remedy Church is all about loving Jesus and loving others, whether that’s  in our corporate worship, community groups, as we live life out with one another or in the communities where God has placed us.  We love Jesus because He first loved us.  He extended that love to us when we had no interest in Him, in fact we were His enemies. Yet, He loved us and gave His life for us.  He even said He came for the lost, the sick, the broken, the tired, those who have come to a point where desperation drives us, those whose desire for Him overcomes pride, appearances and approval of others.  He will never love us more than He loves us today.  We love others because Jesus has loved, us unconditionally and He places that same love in us for each other.  We understand that we all need Jesus, we are all spiritually sick, fellow sinners in need of a redeemer, a savior, forgiveness.  Jesus is the Remedy (Please see blog on “Why Remedy”)

Remedy started as a campus of Reality Stockton  Over a two year period God did amazing things through the support and leadership of Reality Stockton.  In that process God raised up solid leadership, gave the body a heart and vision for the City of Lodi, confirmed a call for a pastor and established an independent Body or Church.  Remedy Lodi and Reality Stockton continue to share their love of Jesus, the Central Valley and each other through prayer, resources and occasional events.