2014 Mexico Mission Trip


2014 Mexico Mission Trip

Trip Overview
Remedy will return to Tecate, Mexico this fall (this is the fourth time Remedy has sent people to Mexico and the second time we’ve sponsored the entire trip). We will partner with CasaBuilders ULBC, an organization out of the Bay Area which has been serving the Tecate area for 15 years. This is primarily a construction trip, but there is plenty of work for both skilled and unskilled workers. The group from Remedy will continue the construction of Mi Casa Children’s Home, set to welcome kids next summer! The campus will be composed of 6 homes, housing 12 children and one parent family each (a total of 72 children). Not only will children be given a home, but a family, education and discipleship. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with the Children’s Home with opportunities for long-term mission service.

We will leave Lodi on Wednesday, October 8 early in the morning and return Sunday, October 12 around 5:00pm. These dates overlap with the Lodi Unified School District fall break.

Mi Casa Children’s home is located a few miles south of Tecate. It is roughly 10 miles past the U.S. border with Tecate, about a 15 minute drive once we’re in Mexico. While in Mexico, the team will stay in guest quarters built by previous mission teams. The accommodations are very nice and include a full kitchen, hot water, bunk beds with mattresses, and air conditioners. All food will be brought and cooked by the team except our first meal which is usually at a local taqueria.

The exact project hasn’t been defined yet. We’ll likely be working on the 4th home which was framed this summer. The foundation for a garage/shop has been poured and there is opportunity to help with construction there. For those not interested in helping with heavy construction, there are all sorts of opportunities ranging from cooking for the team to painting finished houses.

Anyone and everyone can come on this trip. No construction skills are necessary, just a servant’s heart and an expectation for God to move. If you are over the age of 19 you will need a passport. If you wish to bring children younger than 7th Grade, please discuss this with Bryan Nathan beforehand.

The cost per person is $300. Roughly $200 of this covers building supplies while the remaining amount covers lodging/food/gas/etc. Don’t let cost be a deterrent, special arrangements have been made in the past for those who cannot afford the full amount.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please contact Bryan Nathan.

Register for the Mexico trip HERE.


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